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The Aidmatrix Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit headquartered in Irving, Texas, USA, with offices in Germany and India. More than 50,000+ leading business, nonprofit and government partners leverage our supply chain management software to accelerate their humanitarian relief work. Programs include international aid & development, hunger relief, disaster relief, and more.

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Aidmatrix Overview

CARE, The UPS Foundation & Aidmatrix

We believe that by working together, we can triumph over the world’s most challenging humanitarian crises. Our world-class supply chain management technologies make it easy and efficient for everyone from donors to nonprofits to governments to get the right aid to people when and where they need it most. Our team of passionate people is dedicated to creating and delivering tools and processes that bring people together to help others.

Connecting your organization to the humanitarian-relief supply chain
At Aidmatrix, we are only as strong as our partners, which is why we partner with some of the most globally-respected nonprofits and donors and team up with government entities in our quest to help maximize positive impact. Our focus is to amplify donor contributions, accelerate results to nonprofits, and partner with governments to help make a bigger impact on the world, together.

Together, we can triumph over humanitarian crises with technology & partnership to get the right aid to people when and where they need it most.

The Aidmatrix Foundation, Inc. began with a group of i2 Technologies’ employees who set up the i2 Foundation. Mr. Jason Rushton, an i2 employee and former captain of military logistics automation, initiated the plan of using i2’s supply chain management technology for use in disaster relief. While serving in Kosovo, he saw how difficult it was for relief organizations to get the items they needed most in disaster situations.

Ms. Lekha Singh is the visionary behind Aidmatrix. Ms. Singh not only founded the organization but also pioneered the use of innovative technology to change the way aid is delivered both in disaster relief and in day to day needs. She was concerned that much needed food and medical supplies were going to the landfill while many people went hungry and without medicine. Her background with i2’s supply chain technology led her to implement these best practices in business while adding the compassion required to help with humanitarian relief.

In October 2000, the i2 Foundation, under Ms. Singh’s leadership, launched the Aidmatrix project to focus on this mission. The Aidmatrix project became a separate, self-sustaining entity called The Aidmatrix Foundation, Inc. in February 2004. Aidmatrix is supported in part by key grants from visionary funders such as the Accenture Foundation, Meadows Foundation, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), AT&T and the UPS Foundation.

Where We Stand
Aidmatrix does not endorse any political candidates, parties or governments; nor do we receive financial gain from individual donations made through the Aidmatrix Network. We simply help connect those-who-have with those-in-need.

Our Commitment to You, Our Partners:

  • To accelerate and increase your capability to deliver humanitarian relief to those who need it.

  • To provide you with excellent products, service and advice in order to make affordable the best technology and cost efficiencies available to your organization in support of your mission and the people you serve.

  • To keep donor information confidential. All data generated by transactions on our systems remains the sole property of your organization for you to determine how that information is best used.

  • To be a partner worthy of your trust.
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