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Supply Chain Management & Logistics

The Aidmatrix Network® for Humanitarian Relief offers a robust set of Supply Chain Management & Logistics technologies and platforms. The solution includes modules that work together or independently to help empower your efforts to procure, manage and deliver humanitarian relief. Let the technology help manage the paperwork so you can focus on the relief work.

SCM4Good Logistics for Accelerating NGOs' Delivery of Humanitarian Relief
is an integrated platform for Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs) to accelerate their efforts to procure, manage and deliver humanitarian relief and provide global transparency and collaboration within their organization and with their donors.

SCM4Giving for Disaster Relief Logistics for Public-Private Partnership
is an integrated platform for Government Emergency Agencies and Businesses that engage in humanitarian relief, especially during times of disaster, to connect donors with NGOs in high-value public / private sector partnerships.

SCM4Hunger Logistics for Food Banks and their Networks of Hunger Relief Providers
is an integrated platform for High-Volume Food Banks to streamline their management of food inventories and empower their interactions with corporate donors for collecting overflows and converting that inventory into goods available to local agencies with online ordering.

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