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Kuldip Nar

Kuldip Nar
Managing Director
Aidmatrix India

New Delhi, India
+91 11 65422890

Corporate Disaster Resource Network (CDRN)
India is vulnerable to multi hazards in the form of natural disasters and emergencies. The scale and intensity of disasters has increased over the years. The Corporate Disaster Resource Network (CDRN) provides an organized information system for disaster response to match needs at District, State, and National levels with an integration of Corporate, Government and Relief agencies.

CDRN ( started under the auspices of the National Disaster Management Authority of India (NDMA) and an initiative of CSO Partners and the Aidmatrix Foundation. It is a preparedness and response SCM tool for humanitarian relief for times of disasters and emergencies focused on online and offline stakeholder engagement across India. This is an innovation of platform and process creating a value chain addressing challenges with engaged stakeholders for locally driven solutions with a national response model.

CDRN is grateful to the many private sector companies who have come on board for the National Stakeholder Council and with the objectives of Provision for financial and non financial support CDRN would like to express its gratitude for the generous support from its partners who have helped those in need.

In 2011, Aidmatrix' CDRN program prestigious "Best IT Implementation Award 2011" for Maximum Social Impact by PCQuest. The program was used to assist in disasters including: Leh Flash Flood Rehabilitation, Went Bengal Floods, Assam Floods, Orissa Floods, and the Himalayan/Sikkim Earthquake.

UNICEF India Unite to End Polio Now (IUEPN)
Partnering with the private sector, The India Unite to End Polio Now (IUEPN) campaign launched by the Aidmatrix Foundation and UNICEF garners support from companies under their corporate social responsibility budgets for contributions in kind to support polio awareness among the highest-risk populations. These partnerships have tapped innovative communication channels across the polio endemic and high-risk states, such as polio booths at major transit locations, mobile vans displaying communication materials, SMS and voice messaging services, public service announcements on polio in cinema halls and local theatres, magic shows, and wall paintings, etc. Public spaces like railway stations, buses, bus stops, markets, dairy booths, banks and schools have been successfully negotiated for maximum visibility of messages.

India FoodBanking Network
Aidmatrix Foundation India signed an MoU with DLF Foundation for their generous support to provide the warehousing for foodbanking in India. Aidmatrix foundation together with Cargill India and Global FoodBanking Network have partnered to establish the first India Food Banking Network to support feeding programs that already exist throughout India and develop new programs where they are needed. Aidmatrix Foundation, India as a member of IFBN is operationalizing the Delhi FoodBank this year.

We look forward to expanding and operationalizing foodbanking in India and Asia, through Humanitarian Logistics Hubs that provide for emergency and foodbanking support with a community driven model. Aidmatrix is grateful to all the partners who have helped us leverage our global foodbanking expertise across four continents for localised solutions. |

Governor Scott McCallum - CEO, Aidmatrix Foundation and Kuldip Nar, Managing Director, Aidmatrix India at the launch of the Corporate Disaster Resource Network (CDRN) program, at the Conference on Combating Climate Change for Disaster Reduction and Sustainable Business with Climate Friendly Private Sector Initiatives in New Delhi, India, under the auspices of NDMA and an initiative of Aidmatrix & CSO Partners

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